(Registered UK Charity 1149753)

Brighter Future Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in the UK which entitles to reclaim tax on gift aids and individual donations from HM Revenue & Customs - allowing your contributions to be maximally tax efficient.


When you make a donation, you can be rest assured that 99% of your hard-earned money goes directly to mandatory equipment and training materials for hospitals in Myanmar. Only 1% is used for fundraising and administrative activities.


Not only medical equipment are donated, we also ensure that a high quality training and support package system for using such equipment are provided in Myanmar. We will not be able to offer these much needed facilities in Myanmar without your generous support. 


 Donations can be made in different ways:


- By setting up a direct debit and contribute your monthly chosen amount (Brighter Future Foundation, HSBC bank, Sort code: 403418, Bank account - 34514424)

- By contacting us via email or facebook page if you wish to make a one-off donation for a specific purpose at your chosen hospital in Myanmar

- By making online donation through donate button on right hand side

Thank you for your continued support and contributions for Brighter Future Foundation and the people of Myanmar.