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From their base in the UK, Brighter Future Foundation supports healthcare colleagues across Myanmar through both the development and delivery of educational resources and through the provision of equipment and support services not normally provided by the statutory authorities.

Brighter Future Foundation assists in the development of international healthcare partnerships, which we feel are vital to driving curiosity, innovation and change. We seek to understand and support gaps in medical education delivery and ways to better support the healthcare workforce. Through our activities, we aim to support the growth and development of a better healthcare system for the people of Myanmar.

Brighter Future Foundation's main objectives are:

(1) To relieve sickness and to promote the health of patients in public hospitals in Myanmar by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities and by supporting services and equipment not normally provided by the statutory authorities.

(2) To advance the health education of health care professionals and public by the provision of lectures and seminars.

(3) To support the undergraduate and post graduate medical education in Medical Institutes of Myanmar by assisting in the provision of facilities of equipment and provision of lectures ancillary to those provided by the statutory authorities. 

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